XOXOXO, 2004

I really just want to say, "flawless." Really. Everything about this band is just....flawless. I first saw them perform at this loft space in Denver and was absolutely floored. They ride in on the wave of electroclash spearheaded by bands like Ladytron and Black Box Recorder, and instead of riding on their coat-tails, I would say that they are certainly keeping up... and then some.

When I first layed eyes on them, kind of huddled in a corner waiting to go on, I was thinking, "Wow, they seem so...young." But hot damn, as soon at the first synth beats started pounding through the crowd, it was obvious that they were no amateurs. Rachel Taylor's confidence and stage presence could rival the notorious Karen O. of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs (though there was no beer spitting as far as I could tell) and the brother back-up duo, Ben & Zack Funke (are those names REAL??) stand as perfect neo-mod pilars in this power trio.

The music has some pretty obvious similarities to their predecesors but still holds in it's originality. I especially like the very Ann Magnusunesque spoken word bit in Consumer Culture. The cd as a whole, is attractive and well-mastered. There is even a wild 80s-style video which makes the cd more than worth the $8 they are asking. I would typically say they are better live (which they are, go see them if they are in your neighborhood), but the cd is so great that I definitely recommend getting your paws on a copy.

Their website: www.xoxoxomusic.com

You can buy their cd there as well as one of their super mod t-shirts.