Prose & Poetry

Short Stories

Darcy Nybo - Ten Percent

David Lack - Tunnel Dogs

Richard Grasyon - The Schmuck Brothers of East Harlem | Melissa and the Good Legislator

Shelly Wass - In the Mouths of Insects

Jason Stoval - Mercurian Apes, 1st Installation

William Leigh Baumgartner - Booked Solid | Mother's Favor

Maria Carolina Taboada Fermin - Pebbles Under the Harbor

tS. Puree Tomatoes - The Goats Have Always Been Bashfully Coming on Us


Gary A. Glasser - Three poems

Gerald So - Three poems

Kurt Lewis - Fourteen clips

David Thompson - four selections | inventory

Emily Tipps- Walking With Houses | Everglade

Brian Dickson - Going Home

Craig Moreschini - Corner Wall

Sepideh Baghaii - Winter Starvation | All in Good Time


Essays, Travelogues, and Other Things

Craig Moreschini - Travelogues