Drawing in Dirt- by John Linton Roberson

So...Only NIxon Could've Gone to China - by Jonathan Baylis & D. Beyer Jr.

Queer Gaspers - by K. Thor Jensen.

Burn!, by Derek Ballard.

Tales of Mere Existence - a weekly/semi-weekly by Lev

Tales of Mere Existence - 'Conversations' an animated short
(This one's from a couple of weeks ago, but it's fabulous and shouldn't be missed)

Snakeboy in Juicy Juicy Juicy Fruit, by Derek Ballard.

Bongwater Buddhists, by Jenny Gonzalez.

Relax, Bro and Let it Flow, by Derek Ballard.

1000 Ways to Kill Your Manager, by Patrick Findlay.(Please know that neither nor Patrick Findlay think you should kill anyone.)

Apartment Mind, Pt. 2 by Derek Ballard (starts on pg. 5, where we left off)

Eat The Rat by Derek Ballard

Apartment Mind, Pt. 1 by Derek Ballard (starts on pg. 1, and continues through pg. 7))

Merry Mary Milk Maid by Patrick Findlay

The Evil Cartoonist by Peter Bonneman

Polly Shoeshine by Aili MacDonald

Take Some Drugs! by Orien MacDonald

Hey! Can't a Guy Get a Little Privacy? by Orien MacDonald

My Cat Works for the C.I.A. by Orien MacDonald