Rohan Kriwaczek - Brilliant, intelligent interview with the Brittish musician.

Tony Shawcross - We revisit him as he embarks on reshaping the world of Denver Public Acces TV.

Sara Corrigan of Dolly Rocker - talks about the band and their brand new album, Funny Lullabies. (March 2006, Vol. I, Issue II)

Mark Sink - Denver photographer, teacher, curator, and much much more. (March 2006, Vol. I, Issue II)

Profile - El Abuelo del Parque Deportiva (March 2006, Vol. I, Issue II)

The Swayback - Sizzling hot power-trio from the heart of Denver (October 2005, Vol. I, Issue I)

Shannon Kelly - A Maker of Exquisite Films (October 2005, Vol. I, Issue I)

Merkley??? (March 2005)

The Reverend Deadeye (Novemer 2004)

Lindsey Robert Colman: Creator, Writer and Illustrator of serialized webcomic 'Woo...Hoo' (February 2005)

The fabulous and prolific, DJ Sara T.! (Novemer 2004)

 • Michelle Baldwin Queen of Denver Burlesque? (July 2004)

 • The nefarious Sid Pink (July 2004)

 • Shit yeah! It's Don Goede of Soft Skull Press! (June 2004)

Jonathan Segel of Camper Van Beethoven. Finally!

DeVotchKa, DeVotchKa, DeVotchKa (May 2004)

Look ma! It's Magicyclops! (May 2004)


• Talk with Dameion Hines & Ben Hadwen of Future Jazz Project (January 2004)


Tony, founder of - the aftermath of an interview (January 2004)


Kity, Proprietor of Soul Haus in Denver/Social Activist (August 2003) [This is really just my cop-out piece, but you should read it anyway, ed.]


Danny Newman of Danny Newman of (August 2003)

Bob Cannistraro of Beloved InvadersBob Cannistaro of band, The Beloved Invaders (April 2003)

Scott Beibin of The Lost Film Fest (January 2003)


1997-1998 Interviews done under the Smelterchurch Magazine Moniker

360 Mike Mural Artist

Basement Films Independent Film

Steve Haworth 3-D Body Modification

Canadian Independent Film Series

Jordan McCalmont Fashion designer

Christopher Meyers of the zine, Diffference Engine

Dylan Williams Comic book artist

Justin "Sky" Winchester Tattoo Artist