What the heck is apogeemag.com?

apogeemag.com was created in response to the fact that there are amazing people in the world who are doing incredible things that we may NEVER hear about. The goal of this webzine is to change that. At least a little bit.

The mainstay of apogeemag are the interviews. These interviews are with people who are breaking out of the mold of everyday existence and making their lives what they want them to be. They are people who oftentimes make something fabulous out of next to nothing. More often than not, they are people who get very little reward (in the modern societal sense) for what they are doing. What they get is their own sense of accomplishment, as well as respect from people like you and me. These people and their accomplishments serve as a green light to all of us: we can do whatever the hell we dream of, and we can succeed.

The contents of apogeemag.com are also comprised of reviews, comics and writing. The writing section is slowly fleshing out as submissions are just beginning to pour in. I am, however, still looking for more comics and reviewers. Email me: heather[at]apogeemag[dot]com if you are interested in submitting something.

This site does not make money. I want it to, but as of now, it doesn't. I can't pay anyone anything, but I can offer you an opportunity to be published. Not every submission will be published as I hope to keep the quality of the content here as high as possible. I will do my best to personally contact everyone who submits something, but can make no promises. I WILL contact you before I publish any of your material and will send you links to your published work when it is up.

So far apogeemag.com's policy on submissions is as follows: All submissions will always be considered the creator's property. I will make no frivolous edits to anything. If I feel some editing is necessary, I will contact the author and discuss it with them first before changing anything. I am here to help and will do so to the best of my abilities. I have no preferrences in regards to length, content or style. My only hard qualifier is that your work is real, strong and true.

Lastly, I have to answer the most commonly asked question: "um, what's apogee?" There are a couple of definitions in good ol' Websters, but I will burden you with only the most poignant: 2: the farthest or highest point : CULMINATION <Aegean civilization reached its ~ in Crete.> You're smart; you can figure the rest out.


Thanks so much for coming by and keep checking for new additions!

Heather Bowden,
Editor in Chief

Submissions for the next issue are due by May 15th, 2006.