Vandals cover

A cd with morals (Ppl That are Going to Hell), a tribute to 1980's hair (Ape Drape), a song from my favorite disney musical (So Long Farewell), an upbeat polka song complete with tuba (I Know, Huh?)and a serious look at the disintigration of the American family put to music (Too Much Drama), what's not to like? I have never heard any of the Vandals other cds, but if they are even half as good as this one i would seriously consider buying it. I don't reely want to give a totally positive review (especially since this is my first review), but there isn't much negative to say, but I'll give 'er a go.

The Song "Ok" sounds vaguely like a Blood Hound Gang song i once heard, but i have a soft spot in my heart for BHG, so I didn't mind it at all. I can think of at least 2 songs that started reely quite, causing me to turn up the volume, but then when a little more geetar and some louder vocals were added my ear drums were slightly shattered more than when I began the cd. Other than those two things and my friends getting very annoyed by hearing me sing "F'd Up Girl" for 2 weeks solid, this is a very good cd, and I suggest you all go out and break down and pay $16.97 (or what ever it is in your town, hopefully lower than here in Montana) for this cd. This cd is from Nitro Records. it has 14 tracks and is 36minutes and 33 seconds long.

Favorite songs: "F'd up Girl", "Too Much Drama" and "My Girl Friends Dead"

Least Favorite song: Euro-Barge


by Mindy Koopmans