Jughead's Revenge

Just Joined
Nitro Records,1998

Wow. Well it certainly brings back memories of drinking beer on my porch in Houston. Those were the days...punk rock, Ska, beer, and lot's of pool playing. (We had this great leapord print pool table).

Anyway, Jughead's Revenge... The first thing that comes to mind is punk rock; old school with some modern overtones. The album pretty tight and clean sounding which can be both good and bad, depends what you like.

So they've got 5 whole people in the band: Joe. D. who is the "vocal stylist guy", Ty Smith on drums, Brian Preiss who I am assuming plays the bass, Joey R. on guitar, and Craig Riker onthe other guitar.

I still can't get over the procuction on this album -- it's really incredible. Maybe it's just the fact that it's on CD, but it's so damn clean. I wouln't mind hearing it on some scratchy old record. Nothing really beats punk rock on scratchy records.

If you're interested, they have a really nice web page that you can visit. www.punker.com. It's got all sorts of information that you might want, including tour dates.