I always drag my feet just a little bit when I have to review a band who has not absolutely floored me. I really thrive on gushing about how much I love them and leave it as that.


They're good. The cd is pretty well-produced, the packaging is professional, and I hear they have about a buhdgillion groupies in Austin. To top it off, they were voted #5 best new band in Austin for 2004.

The truth is, I don't really like the cd. I'm sure that a lot of it is a matter of taste, but the only songs I really like are the ones that sound like Radiohead; but come on, that SUCKS. I'd listen to Radiohead if I wanted to hear something that sounded like Radiohead. Plus the cd is full of that reverby Cure guitar which is only really good when the Cure does it or else it's very subtle or flat out tongue-in-cheek. This, I am sure is just a matter of opinion, but opinion or not, it rubs me the wrong way.

I've listened to the cd like four times now and it's taken me that many listens to figure out what gets me the most about it: it sounds sooo much like those Christian rock bands that try to copy popular underground sounds to reach those "bound-for-hell teenagers" with God's message. It's just a weak pastiche of otherwise great bands. It lacks the soul and edge that is necessary to pull me in and make me go, "Shit yeah! These guys RULE!" It's like wanting so bad to make love when really all you're doing is fucking.

Well, at least check out their website. You may like them.

And here's another review where they are referred to as "true genius."