The Things We Say


I came home from work. I was tired. I felt defeated as I opened my mailbox to find it completely a small, square parcel placed almost magically, centered, right up in the front. I smiled. The bellaparker EP had arrived for me to review.

But I was tired, and though the package was so thoughtfully put together and labeled with their very own mailing sticker; and even though my address was written in the most delicate and precise handwriting, I decided that I HAD to take a nap before giving the CD any serious consideration. I did, however, put it in the player thinking that I could just let it play as I fell asleep.

Christ! How many notes actually played before I jumped out of my bed in shock and awe. Holy shit, this is GOOD! Before the first song even ended, I found myself lying on my belly with my pillow by the speakers.

I have never heard a group capable of taking on the personality of so many historically known bands while keeping to their own, distinct voice. It's almost comical the way bellaparker invokes the old and familiar sounds of The Cure and U2. But they fold in the perfect amount of dreamy 21st century sounds to bring it up-to-date. This CD would be just as happy nestled next to old Smiths albums as it would be nuzzling with The Sea and Cake, Radiohead or Interpol.
Another thing that strikes me about this album, is the absolutely superb production. This may be their very first EP, and they have probably played out only a handful of times, but they are no amateurs. I rarely hear such attention to detail and subtlety, even in albums produced by seasoned professionals.

Plus, something needs to be said about the splendor of power trios. They are few in the world of music, and they are few that bring such grace and power to the arena. There is Chad Geraci (vocals, guitars, ebow, keyboards programming), Steven Emry (background vocals, bass guitar, ebow, keyboards, programming), and damnit if I am not just thrilled about their girl drummer, Abby Debois (also on: background vocals, assorted other percussion, programming).

There is also something frightfully catchy about bellaparker songs. I was plagued for a week straight by their music. As I woke up, as I worked, as I was trying to fall asleep...bellaparker was there. But that's good, right?
Good or bad, you can try it on at (an exquisite site, if I may add).