The Emmas

Can we say punk as fuck? No, no really. PUNK AS FUCK. Say it.

The Emmas are punk as fuck and that's all there is to it.

I got their cds a few weeks ago (Candy and Sparkle) and loved them both in their own right, but I knew they were playing in Denver Aug. 7, so I wanted to hold off on reviewing them until I could see them live; you know, to get a well rounded idea of what they are about.


Let's just say I am still washing the fake blood out of my hair (and shoes, pants, glasses, bra, camera..). And that's just from the pre-show Bush Sucks demonstration. And oh! oh! oh! my gawd Lisa gets her dress ripped off and she is goodgolly BUTT NEKKID with nothin' but her geetar. That's when I think I fell in love. Not to mention that Liza the drummer-girl is wearing nothing but some Emmas undies, saran wrap, and a sock hat all Fat Albert style. Then there's E-N Pendergast cutting an impressive and imposing figure on the bass. Lisa played a good third of her set in her birthday suit and only put some pants on after pleas from club management to "put your clothes back on !"

But what about the music? Straight up 3-chord punk. Good, punk fun peppered with frightening messages like "I'll murder your babies, then sleep really well."[Dead Babies - from Candy] and their great "Buy me shit" anti-Christmas song [from Sparkle]. But don't despair, there are a few good love songs like Crazy [Candy] and Truth [also from Candy...hmm actually, Sparkle is ominously void of sweet love songs].

My absolute favorite thing about the Emmas is their true embodiment of the D.I.Y. ethic. They do everything themselves and, I think, wouldn't do it any other way. They ARE D.I.Y.; they ARE Punk. More so than any other band I have ever known. Thank you Emmas for being so fucking bad-ass and so real.

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