Ms. Kity

Kity behind her fuzzy, red cash register.



I did this interview with Kity, like aeons ago and I SWEARTOGOD everything in the world has been preventing me from transcribing it. It has been a behemoth of a barrier in moving forward with anything on this site and I have been beating myself up EVERYDAMNDAY to get it done and get it done. But I have to level with you: I am NEVER going to transcribe this interview. All I can do it tell you that this woman is doing amazing things not only as an innovator in small business, but as a voice and meeting place for those who have things to say about what happens around them. She has endless compassion for the downtrodden, lost and hurting. Unlike so many of us out there, she has the strength and compassion to actually reach out her hand. Where the rest of us just swallow hard in the face of others' adversity and keep walking, this woman stops and helps and says something about it. Thanks Ms. Kity, you are a true beacon in a world of fear and cowardice.

A view of the Denver capital from the Soul Haus window.



Go see her. Go to Soul Haus on 226 E. 13th Ave and talk to her. Look at what she has for sale, ask her about her causes, pick up her zine. It will be one of the best things you do this month.



June or July or sometime long ago in 2003.