Say hello to the Apogee Magazine swan song. What you see here is perhaps the last issue of what has been my favorite hobby this past decade. I am so excited about everything in it, too, which makes me a little sad to let it go. I am just thrilled with the interview with Rohan Kriwaczek and hope that you will find it even a little bit as interesting as I. Tony Shawcross (previously interviewed) is up to some interesting stuff with the Denver public access channels, which we discuss at length in this issue. Tom Murphy, of All Need is Music, has stepped in as a guest reviewer and I only wish I could stick around a little longer so I could showcase more of his work. This has also been one of the best issues for comics, as there was an amazing influx of new artists. Please check them out, they are all fantastic! I know it's taken me a little bit longer than usual to get this issue out, but it's been hard to bring myself to let it go.

As for me, I'm back to school. I may pick this back up in a couple of years, but until then it's sweet goodnight. Thanks to everyone who has participated throughout the years. I have just LOVED getting to know each and every one of you. You all are what have made Apogee what it is: beautiful and inspiring (if I may be so bold to say). Thank you thank you thank you and do please keep in touch. Much love, Heather

Vol. I, Issue III. August 2006.


Rohan Kriwaczek - Brilliant, intelligent interview with the British musician.

Tony Shawcross - We revisit him as he embarks on reshaping the world of Denver Public Acces TV.

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Bright Channel : Self Propelled

Cowboy Curse : Nod Up and Down (To The Simulcast Singing)

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Ten Percent - by Darcy Nybo

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Drawing in Dirt- by John Linton Roberson

So...Only NIxon Could've Gone to China - by Jonathan Baylis & D. Beyer Jr.

Queer Gaspers - by K. Thor Jensen.

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Volume I, Issue II, March 2006

Volume I, Issue I, November 2005